Large and moist with low sap, these Mazafati (Mozafati) Dates are a real treat. Fresh Mazafati dates are naturally flavorful and low in fat, which has meaty and succulent flesh. This Date can be considered as the most palatable and delicately delicious kind of Date fruits in the world.

The ripe Mazafati Date has dark purple tends to black color and has soft texture! Mazafati Dates are grown in southern Iranian city, Bam in Kerman province, IRAN

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Moisture: 15 ~ 30%
Color: Dark brown ~black
Shape: Thick, Oval
Size: 3 ~ 4 cm
Taste: Sweet
Shelf Life: At below -4C temperature and cellophane & plastic about 18 Months.
Storage: In a cool, dry, clean and well-ventilated place
Harvest Time: August ~ September
Usage: Used more for direct consumption
Packaging: 600 ~ 650 g Carton Box. Mother Cartons (contains 12 boxes) from 7.2 to 7.8 Kg.
Shipment: Each FCL (20’ Reefer Container) about 12 MT